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Hello, I'm

Biswajit Pradhan

A Creative Artist & Designer From India

With an experience of 25 yrs in India in the field of Creative Design I have still the same passion and dedication to be Global now.


About Me


Pixel Perfect

Most common methods for designing websites that work well on desktop is responsive and adaptive design.

High Quality

All the aspects that poets need to determine quality are what we all define miles. So you don't need to do any tension.

Awesome Idea

You don't have to think about any work after you explain it to us. Because we will present you the best idea from among various ideas.


Years of

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I'm a Designer

I Can Design Anything
You Want

Hello there! I’m a web designer, and I’m very passionate and dedicated to my work. With 25 years experience as a professional web developer, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success. I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration.


My Work

My most acclaimed works till date. Among them, I have put some works of different departments in the gallery for you to see.

My Skill Life

I Develop Skills Regularly
to Keep Me Update

28 years of accumulated experience. Using different softwares. I request you to utilize its full potential.

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What I Do for Clients

We are always eager for our customers. May he never get angry with us. I promise not to bother.

Photo Restoration

Starts from $9

If you need to beautify newly taken photos or old damaged photos. But of course we will make it beautiful as you need. Which one will be different than everyone else.

Logo Design

Starts from $25

Logo design is not about face. We use Adobe Illustrator to maintain full detail. And so you can zoom in or out as needed. for that I deliver design work in eps file.

Graphic Design

Starts from $30

Graphic design is more about visualization. A mix of sharp edge and soft edge is needed. So we use Illustrator & Photoshop. Which will definitely bring you eye candy.

Web Design

Starts from $99

Web design is the renovation design of websites displayed on the internet. We use elementor and css for website development needs.


What My Clients Say

It makes me proud to think of what my happy customers have said so far. So I want to share that with you.


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Rabindra Sarani, Ranaghat, W.B. Pin- 741201







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